The Sisters of St. Joseph of Hamilton continue to live and work to help all people realize how much God loves them. Thus, we promote the dignity of all persons, especially the poor and marginalized, and work to alleviate the causes of poverty and oppression. In all we do, we strive to heal broken relationships, reconciling and uniting people with one another and with God.
Sisters of St. Joseph of Hamilton
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Hamilton ON, Canada L8L 7V7

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Mission Statement 
We are Gospel women, living the CSJ charism with zeal and conviction, bonded in community and called to ongoing conversion.

We commit ourselves to respond from a contemplative stance to people in need and to reverence all creation.

Rooted in a common cause, sustained and nurtured by the Eucharist and a faith-sharing community, we are eager to serve wherever needed and to accept the risks involved. Continuing Christ's mission in the world, demands that we live in the spirit of the gospel, with generous and courageous love, with a spirit of gentleness and peace, simplicity and joy.


CSJ Symbol 
This symbol identifies The Sisters of St. Joseph as a unique group within the Church as well as among other Congregations of St. Joseph.

The Cross symbolizes the call of our charism "to bring the good news of the Gospel to those miseries which prevail in this time and in this place." Through our Baptismal commitment, which is deepened by our profession of vows, we embrace the life, death and resurrection of Christ. The Cross emphasizes the centrality of the Paschal mystery in the Christian experience.

The Shape of the Symbol in all cases is irregular. As CSJs we strive always toward the more - toward reconciliation and unity in a world broken and battered by disunity - disunity among peoples, nations and a disharmony with the ecosystems of the planet. The Shape also suggests the "chaos" of Genesis over which God's spirit hovered in the act of creation. The Spirit of God remains with us in an enduring covenantal relationship that calls us forward into relationship with all of those who seek to bring about the reign of God.

The Style of the symbol is feminine and open. As CSJ women, we are open to change, to new life, to the challenge of "the more," and open to wherever the call of the Gospel takes us during our moment in time.

The Sisters of St. Joseph, as women called towards Christian reconciliation and unity, strive always for the "more," that is they pray and work to bring these realities to a greater level of harmony and completeness.


The Sisters of St. Joseph were founded at Le Puy, France, around 1650, by Jean Pierre Medaille, S.J. and six women who wished to bring the love of God to people in need.

During the French Revolution most communities of Sisters were disbanded. However, in 1808, Mother St. John Fontbonne was requested to re-establish a branch of the Sisters at Lyons, France. Sisters of St. Joseph are found world-wide.

In 1836, several Sisters responded to a request of the Bishop of St. Louis, Missouri and came to North America.

The first Sisters of St. Joseph in Canada came to Toronto from Philadelphia, in the fall of 1851. By April 1852, three Sisters from this group went to Hamilton and were soon working in schools caring for the sick, the aged and orphans.

The congregation grew and became six autonomous congregations in Canada, forming today the Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada. Sisters from the six congregations serve all across Canada and in many mission lands as well.

The Federation of The Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada: www.csjfederation.ca
The Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto
The Sisters of St. Joseph of Hamilton
The Sisters of St. Joseph of London
The Sisters of St. Joseph of Peterborough
The Sisters of St. Joseph of Pembroke
The Sisters of St. Joseph of Sault Ste. Marie

Today, Sisters of St. Joseph are involved in many ways of giving service to people. The diversity of ministries allows for the Sister to respond to needs, using her unique gifts, in consultation with the leadership of the congregation, and in response to the Spirit.


Becoming a Sister 

If you are discerning who God is calling you "to be and to become" and would like help on the journey please email: 

Othe sites of interest:






CSJ Companions 
Companions are lay women and men continuing Christ's Mission in today's world. Together with the Sisters of St. Joseph, through their Charism of Unity and Reconciliation, they proclaim the Father's love.

In the early period of the Congregation there existed, along with the Sisters, Agregees or groups of women who had a stable spiritual bond with the Congregation. In our own time, we recognize and make provision for women and men who share the Charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph but do not intend to make profession in the Congregation.
Who Might Become One? 
Men and women who feel drawn to a deeper living out of Gospel values with special emphasis on the Gospel call to unity and reconciliation.

What Is Involved? 
A willingness to learn about CSJ history, mission and charism; a continuation of one's own life style and a willingness to grow personally, spiritually and communally.

Why Might One Want To Be A CSJ Companion?
  • to deepen one's relationship with God
  • to experience the mutual support of a faith community
  • to participate in opportunities for personal growth and sharing of gifts
  • to deepen one's commitment to the wider church and/or civic communities
The life and works of our Congregation are directed to a single end:  the union of ourselves and all people/creation with God and with one another in and through Christ Jesus.

For more information call or write:

Sister Rosanne Logel, Coordinator CSJ Companions
The Sisters of St. Joseph of Hamilton
Box 155, L.C.D. #1
Hamilton ON, Canada L8L 7V7

Phone: (905) 528-0138
Fax: (905) 528-8883