With more states legalizing both medical and recreational marijuana every year, the cannabis business is booming. In fact, recent changes in cannabis laws have contributed to making legal cannabis one of the fastest-growing industries in the country and industry analysts are not predicting this to change. Increased revenue isn’t the only advantage of the currently booming cannabis industry, though; market analysis also suggests that this industry will be supplying US workers with as many as 400,000 full-time jobs by the year 2021.

Career Prospects

Those who are interested in beginning a new career within this nascent industry will find that, as with any emerging industry, opportunities abound. It’s a good idea to begin looking into options and developing a relevant resume now, though, while the market is hot. Read on to find out about a few cannabis industry-specific positions to learn how.

Entry-Level Budtenders

The role of a budtender is to sell cannabis products in a dispensary. They also inform customers about different products, so they must have both a wealth of relevant knowledge and customer service experience. Of course, a friendly attitude is also a plus.

Bud Trimmers

Unlike budtenders, trimmers work primarily with plants, not people. They are responsible for snipping away excess leaves and stems from buds to ensure that customers are able to get the best possible products. The process can be tedious, but taking a job as a bud trimmer is a good way to get a foot in the door.

Edibles Chefs

Many states allow medical marijuana patients and recreational cannabis consumers to buy oils, tinctures, and edibles as well as untreated flowers. Those who are tasked with creating cannabis-infused products are known as edibles chefs. This kind of position is perfect for those who already have culinary training and extensive cannabis knowledge and want to diversify their skill sets.

Cannabis Growers

Most states with legal recreational or medical marijuana offer growers licenses to those who want to oversee the process of germinating, cloning, and harvesting cannabis. This job requires a good deal of specialized knowledge regarding both agricultural practice more generally and different strains of cannabis in particular, so it usually requires a background in farming, horticulture, or botany. Anyone interested in learning more about these and other cannabis industry jobs can visit Against RO online for additional information.