Tips to Help You Make a Great Sand Terrarium

Sand Terrariums are the best for your plants since they make your place look beautiful. There are many ways to make terrarium sand containers. Terrariums always make a comeback even when people have forgotten about them. You would enjoy making terrarium sand containers. Wet conditions do not favor terrariums. Apply extra care when adding plants such as cacti or succulent on terrariums. There’s a way you should water your plants on terrarium sand containers; only use a small amount of water to water your plants.

Placing your terrariums in a cloche would be deadly to your plants, so avoid it. You will need other items apart from the succulents when making terrariums. For decoration purposes, you will need the moss and driftwoods. Chopsticks are needed to move and place things when making your terrarium. A paintbrush would come in handy especially for cleaning things when making your terrarium sand container.

Using colored sand to make terrarium is enjoyable. You should work with at least three colors of craft sands that satisfy you. Get a glass container that you like. Preferably, you should get a glass container with a top that you can work with; the glass container should have straight sides so that you can see the terrarium sand design you are making. The first layer of the sand at the bottom should be laid evenly.

Put the different colors of sand in the container. Let the center be free of any sand. You should get the sand layers to the level you want, then start laying down pebbles which help with drainage and maintain the stability of the sand when adding your plants.

If you are going to plant cactus, you should first add soil. Get loose soil that would help maintains the sand terrarium. You should put soil in the center of the container and make a hole for planting your succulent plants. You don’t’ need lots of sand in the center, to make it easier to add the plants.

You need to get the succulent plant out of its container. Get rid of the excess soil on the roots of your succulent plant by shaking it but don’t overdo it to avoid damaging the roots. Add the succulent in the center of the sand terrarium. Add as many succulents as you can; Succulents thrive when they are crowded, so you should worry not.

Get another layer of the pebbles to make your terrarium complete. To clean up things you need a paintbrush.

Finally, you should decorate the top of your terrarium. At this stage you’ll require chopsticks which will help in moving things around. Your terrarium should be ready after doing all that.

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