Reproductive HealthOur physicians have extensive experience in treating multi-faceted fertility points and endocrine disorders ranging from fertility, irregular puberty, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome and menopause to issues of the thyroid and adrenal gland. Reproductive well being contributes enormously to bodily and psychosocial comfort and closeness, and to non-public and social maturation รพ poor reproductive well being is regularly associated with illness, abuse, exploitation, undesirable pregnancy, and death.

A rising physique of proof suggests that exposure to endocrine disruptors, chemical substances that seem to disrupt hormonal activity in humans and animals, could contribute to problems with fertility, pregnancy, and other aspects of replica.

WHO works with a worldwide community of collaborating centres to construct nationwide research capabilities, develop innovative methodologies and disseminate the results of research to policy-makers, planners, well being care suppliers, ladies’s well being advocates, non-governmental organizations and scientists.

6. Components affecting reproductive well being Reproductive well being affects, and is affected by, the broader context of individuals’s lives, including their economic circumstances, education, employment, residing conditions and household environment, social and gender relationships, and the standard and legal buildings inside which they live.

The WHO estimates that each year, 358 000 women die on account of issues related to pregnancy and childbirth; 99% of those deaths occur inside the most disadvantaged population groups residing within the poorest nations of the world.