Why The Sand Ceremony Is Done And How To Ensure You Do It Correctly.

Most people are familiar with the unity candle ceremony held in a wedding. The couples mothers’ will light candles that have been placed at the edge of a table. During the ceremony the wedding couple will take a candle from the respective side and then light a large candle situated in the middle of the table as a symbol that the two families have merged into one.

However, some couples don’t like the idea of handling fire during their big day. On the other hand it could be that the ceremony is held in the open and the couple is unwilling to use a blowtorch to light the candles in the wind. Sand ceremony has come as an alternative. The message from a sand ceremony is no different from that sent by the unity candle.

In the sand ceremony when the mothers are lead in, they carry with them a bottle of sand each having a different color. Each bottle of sand form each mother represents that family. Later on during the ceremony, the couple will take the bottle of sand indicating their family and put it in a large third container. They pour the sand alternating so that the two types of soils are thoroughly mixed. The ritual is meant to show that the marriage union should be inseparable. The bottle of sand is an important reminder that the couple should keep somewhere special in their home.

While there is no fear of handling fire in this ceremony, there Is one precaution to keep in mind, make sure that the sand does not get damp before the ceremony. When sand gets wet, it sticks together, and one will have difficulty removing the sand from the bottle. If the wedding will be held in a place that has moist air ensure that you store the sand in the sealed container. This ensures that soil remains dry and can come out of the bottle with ease. Another thing that you need to do is to make yourself familiar with ritual before the real event. The couple should buy extra sand and practice how the ceremony should be done. This will help to perfect all the details of the ceremony and avoid messing up during the actual wedding. By knowing how to conduct the ceremony before the actual event the couple will be able to focus on the purpose of the ritual as they know what ought to be done.
You should also discuss with your wedding organizer all the matters regarding the ritual to ensure that it sends the desired message perfectly.

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