Three Top Ways to Stay Motivated

We all lose motivation to exercise now and again. It’s only human. Maintaining motivation can be difficult depending on what’s going on in our lives at any one time. I’d like to offer you a few simple ways of keeping positive and getting the most from your training. There are many reasons for losing motivation, including:

Lack of variety within exercise routines

Distractions – TV, internet, etc.


Difficulty exercising – Injury, lack of knowledge, low patience

Confusion – Too much information to be filtered through!

Whatever your reasons, there are always solutions. Here a few simple tips to help keep you focused:

Change your routine: This is vital. With any given routine, your body will reach a peak progression for that routine. Beyond this point you will see no visible progression. Unless you vary your routines (usually every 4-6 weeks, if not more often) you will find it extremely difficult if not impossible to achieve your goals. This will also make exercise much more enjoyable, as you will be introduced to newer and more challenging exercises and training patterns.

Set realistic goals: Try to avoid giving yourself unrealistic goals to achieve, particularly in a short space of time. Don’t try to run a marathon if you can’t run a mile. Poor goal setting can often lead to disappointment and lack of belief in self – two killers when it comes to motivation. Start off easy, and take it from there.

Treat yourself: When you’ve been exercising well and sticking to your routine, reward yourself. This is one of the most effective motivation techniques available to you, and it works. Allow yourself a day per week to treat yourself to the things that you really, really crave. Yes, everyone loves a bit of what they can’t have! So why not have it? This will help to keep you disciplined on the other days, knowing that you’re not completely restricted.

With these points in mind, have a good look at what you’re currently doing exercise-wise. Applying these tips will undoubtedly help you stay on the path to success!!

Author: sumimasen